Assistance Dog Day


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Assistance Dog Day is created to recognize all the devoted assistance dogs that mitigate the disabilities and a special day celebrates these four-legged friends every year.

Assistance Dog Day recognizes and honors assistance dogs and their trainers, and aims to raise funds and increase awareness of the work they do. It marks the day when we acknowledge and appreciate the heroic deeds performed by the assistance dogs. It is part of International Assistance Dog Week, a yearly event started by long-time paraplegic, Marcie Davis.


Assistance Dog International, a coalition of welfare associations, created International Assistance Dog Week to recognize and raise awareness surrounding these very important canines.

Type of Assistance Dogs

There is mainly two types of assistance dogs i.e. Service Dogs and Facility Dogs. Service Dogs are highly trained and they undergo months of intense discipline training to understand the unique needs of their handler. They assist the disabled in carrying out their routine tasks and these types of dogs have a right to public access. Facility Dogs are used by professionals to aid in special education or physical therapy.

A range of events is held to celebrate Assistance Dog Day, including dog shows, sponsored dog walks, talks, and dog graduation ceremonies. Many assistance dog training facilities hold open days and tours on this day to show the work that they do.

Assistance Dog Etiquette 

While on duty, assistance dogs have a job to do. With this in mind, if you see someone with an assistance dog, don’t get too close or try to pet it. Whether it safely guides its master or provides other services, distractions are dangerous. If you must approach, speak to the handler. Keep your own pet restrained and at a distance. Don’t assume a napping service dog is off-duty. If you see a service dog without its owner, that may be a sign of trouble.  Seek help if you are able and let the dog lead you to its master.

Emotional Support Dog alleviates anxiety and depression, a noble task indeed but they do not service dogs.

All in all Assistance dogs get the end of a rainbow as they get to spend the whole day with their owner, do a job they love, and at the end of the day relax and yap around.

Assistance Dog Day

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