Bartender Appreciation Day


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Most occupations have a day dedicated to them and the job of tending a bar is no exception. Bartender Appreciation Day aims to make customers think about the great service their favorite bartenders give while pouring pints and mixing cocktails as well as their great people skills of talking, listening, joking, and being a shoulder to cry on and a person to confide in.

Over the centuries, a bartender’s job has somehow evolved from just pouring your pint or shot into being a therapist of sorts, to the point that these days, that’s what bartenders are best known for: being the person you can tell all about your life’s troubles while sipping an ice-cold beer. Who could think of a better kind of therapy?

Bartender Appreciation Day originated in America and is linked to the drinks brand, Sailor Jerry. They aim to spread recognition of the day around the world and recently organized a petition to give to the British government that asks them to make Bartender Appreciation Day a recognized holiday in the UK and a day off for all bartenders.

Their main argument is that bartenders do much more than just mixing drinks, offering a kind of quiet support to troubled, frustrated customers and making them feel like someone really does care about what they’re going through.

The brand also organizes voting competitions to find the nation’s best bartender and makes bar visits on the day to distribute free pizza, clothing, and taxi rides home for bartenders.


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Bartender Appreciation Day

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