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Bathtub Party Day encourages us all to skip the ordinary shower and linger in the tub instead. On December 5th, add some suds to the tub and pamper yourself.

A bathtub party sounds suspiciously like a crowded affair, but it doesn’t have to be. Granted, if you have young children, it’s a time saver to plunk two or three of them in the tub at once. Getting them all suds up and playing with the water toys are some of the more memorable times raising children. It also saves on water while everyone has some good clean fun.

For the adults, the benefits of a quiet soak in the tub add up quickly.

  • A steamy bath during cold and flu season helps to clear our sinuses and improve your oxygen intake. It also increases our circulation.
  • The warm water reduces inflammation, easing achy joints and sore muscles. It also helps relieve stress.
  • Dropping temperatures outside mean cold hands and feet, or just a chilled body in general. A soak in a warm tub warms us right up.
  • Our skin loves the steam from the bath, but be sure to moisturize, too. Add bath oil to your bathwater to gain the most benefit of your Bathtub Party.

Enjoy all the benefits of a Bathtub Party and celebrate with bubbles of all kinds!

History of Bathtub Party Day

Thomas and Ruth Roy run this nice little website with various quirky holidays recipes and a selection of herbs and essential oils for aromatherapy at They’re the folks behind Bathtub Party Day and they’ve even copyrighted it. We’re not quite sure what year the first Bathtub Party Day was celebrated but we would guess that it was probably sometime in the early 2000’s.

Bathtub Party Day

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