Bow Tie Day

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A whirring noise in the distance, followed by a male in a bow tie and a female in a summer dress running out of a blue police box. A small wooden puppet with a large blue bow tie is still there when the puppet comes to life. Or a sharply dressed man hunting around for information in order to save the world from annihilation. All three examples are notable by a bow tie that the character wears. Whether it be the Doctor from Dr. Who, Pinocchio, or James Bond, each wears a bow tie very well and accentuates it for that very character.

History of Bow Tie Day

The bow tie day has its origins, not in France like many think, but in Croatia. The French military forces had seen the way the Croatian soldiers tied the necktie in order to keep the collars of their shirts together during the Thirty Year War.

After that, tobacco magnate Pierre Lorillard wore one to the Tuxedo Club, and his black and white fashion sense blossomed into becoming the Tuxedo we know currently in fashion. Typically the bow tie is worn as an accessory to accentuate the neck, helping draw eyes up to the face and away from the shoulders and chest.


  1. It’s the queen of fabrics

    Silk is made from the silk strands of thousands of silkworms, making it a very intensive and painstaking process reserved for the most elegant of wearers.

  2. Sea silk is incredibly elusive

    Sea silk is harvested and made from clam fibers, and there is only one person on Earth who knows how to perfect this perfect fabric.

  3. Silk production was top secret

    In ancient China, anyone caught trying to smuggle silkworms out of China was sentenced to death.

  4. It keeps you bite-free

    If you’re a mosquito favorite, try stepping out in silk sometimes — mosquitos can’t seem to break through the threads!

  5. It had the longest global trade route

    The legendary Silk Road stretched from China to parts of Europe as early as 130 B.C.


Year Date Day
2021 August 28 Saturday
2022 August 28 Sunday
2023 August 28 Monday
2024 August 28 Wednesday
2025 August 28 Thursday

Bow Tie Day

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