Cheese Lovers Day

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Cheese Lovers Day

On National Cheese Lover’s Day, don’t feel bleu, throw a feta, or act capricious. January 20th is a gouda day to kummin over and have some cheddar or asiago or fontina!

Cheese Lovers Day

Who thought it would be a good idea to let food get moldy before eating it? Just thinking about it sounds gross, but it’s somehow spawned some of the most celebrated and delicious food items in the world. However, that doesn’t excuse them from their gross beginnings. From cave-aged Roquefort the stomach-churning casu marzu, there are a lot of questionable cheeses out there that will make you think twice about where your favorite cheese comes from.

Luckily, there are plenty of tasty cheeses that don’t need to grow mold before they’re considered good. Whether it’s the versatile cheddar cheese or stringy mozzarella, cheese is one of the world’s most delectable delicacies that goes well with many dishes. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Cheese Lovers Day is actually a thing!

Cheese Lovers Day is a celebration of the many different types of cheese in the world, but it’s not exclusive to cheese connoisseurs with exotic tastes. Instead, it’s a day to celebrate your favorite cheeses while also learning about new ones. There are plenty of opportunities to taste new cheese, learn how to make your own or even discover new recipes that make ample use of cheese. Anyone’s welcome to join in on Cheese Lovers Day no matter what type of cheese you enjoy or how you like to eat it.

There are few foods that have such a rich and extravagant history as cheese. Some parts of the world are incredibly protective and proud of the cheeses they make because of the ingredients and techniques they use to create it. Everything from the milk used to the environment the cheese is made in will impart a unique flavor or smell to the cheese. To make things more exciting, different cheeses can work well in different recipes and it’s always fun to try out different blends in your daily recipes. You can spice up your mac and cheese with some artisanal cheese from a market, or you could try and make your own cheese and add a bit of personal flair and flavor to it.

The cheese world is a large but inclusive one. Everyone is welcome to celebrate their favorite cheese and you shouldn’t worry about those cheese snobs that only eat the “finest” expensive cheeses that they’ve imported from across the world.

Cheese Lovers Day

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