Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

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National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is celebrated on January 3 of every year. Chocolate covered cherries are simple, fun or sophisticated, elegant, and delicious. Chocolate covered cherries are not only a holiday sweet but also popular on other days of the year. Some of the Chocolate cherries contain cherry syrup liquid at the center while others may contain Liqueur. So National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is a perfect day to relax and have some experience of tasting Chocolate Covered Cherries.

History of National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

In 1929, Cella’s Confections in New York introduced the National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day. They become so famous within a few years. In 1985, Tootsie Roll bought the Cella’s Confections from the Masaryk Family. Because of the cherry syrup Liquid at the center and gooey taste, they become so familiar around the world as the years go on. Sometimes chocolate covered cherries are also referred to as cordial cherries. The plump cherry offers a classic ‘snap’ when biting into it, and is accompanied by a 100% liquid center which is unique in eating.

In the 1700s, cherries were enclosed in chocolate with a little kirsch (cordial) liqueur in England. When they find they find their way to America, people changed the content with the small bit of alcoholic surrounding the fruit that had been dipped in chocolate. The pitted cherries that are used had cooked in sugar syrup, and then it will be jarred. Many recipes mime the flavor of the long-known and well-loved candy.

How to celebrate National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Celebrating National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is quite easy and easy to remember. Just simply make Chocolate Covered Cherries of your own and share them with your family members, friends, and even co-workers. Take pictures while eating Chocolate Covered Cherries and share them on social media by using the hashtags #ChocolateCoveredCherryDay, #chocolatecoveredcherries.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

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