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There are all kinds of days to celebrate crazy things across the world – think of the first thing that pops into your head and it’s likely there is a day to celebrate it. Did you think of a clarinet? If you did, you’d be right – there most certainly is a clarinet day. This is a day to celebrate what the clarinet is all about and respect those who dedicate their lives to playing the clarinet. It’s also a great day for those who just love listening to clarinet music.

If you love the clarinet and want to learn more about it, then clarinet day could be right up your street!

History of Clarinet Day

Clarinet day is a yearly event designed for people who play and love the clarinet. It includes a mix of masterclasses, performances, and lectures designed to inspire and educate both high school and college aged musicians. It spans cross just one day, and a limited number of lesson times are available for early registrants to gain access to one on one instructions.

If you’ve been wanting to try something new, such as playing a new instrument, then clarinet day could be a great day to try it. Maybe you’ll attend a masterclass and find your next amazing hobby, or even something that you’d like to do professionally. The younger you start, the better!

There have been many notable featured guest artists over the years. Just some of them include Larry Combs, Richie Hawley, and Sean Osborne. There are usually a huge number of talented and amazing clarinet players and lovers to learn from, which is why clarinet day proves so popular with musicians.

The Joint Service Recital showcases performances from the premier bands of the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines, further providing an experience that is unique to Clarinet Day. This is a day like no other and a real treat for people who have a soft spot for the clarinet.

Clarinet Day

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