Coast Guard Day


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Coast Guard Day honors the courageous work of coast guards. When Hurricane Katrina struck the Atlantic coast of America, the US Coast Guardsmen saved over 33,500 lives, an estimated 24,000 of these were rescued from peril in severely dangerous conditions.

For those unaware Coast Guard is an all-important maritime responder who overlooks marine safety, environment, and ports & waterways. Coast Guard Day is primarily an internal activity but it plays an integral part in national security by ensuring duties in hazardous material shipping, pilotage, and oil spillage.

In America, there are thousands of events nationwide for you to get involved in and show your support. In the UK, although not directly associated with HM Coast Guard, the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) are a welfare organization with the sole purpose of rescuing those in distress at sea. The launch over 6500 times a year and have saved over 134,000 lives since their establishment.

Pakistan Coast Guard Day is celebrated on September 8.



Thank Hamilton for the U.S. Coast Guard

Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, founded the Revenue Marine — which later became the U.S. Coast Guard.


The U.S. Coast Guard is a name change

The Revenue Cutter Service and U.S. Life Saving Service merged to form a single maritime entity called the U.S. Coast Guard.


Coast Guard moved to Homeland Security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security took over jurisdiction following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  1. The oldest serving Coast Guard member was 105

Anthony Christy, who manned the Christiana Lighthouse in Delaware, died while on duty in 1862.

  1. High standards for U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmers

The qualifying criteria are so tough that 50% of applicants fail every year.

  1. A dog served in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II

Sinbad was an official member of the crew, complete with his uniform, his own bunk, and paperwork.

  1. S. Coast Guard tracks movements of icebergs

The U.S. Coast Guard is a part of the International Ice Patrol, which monitors and reports the movements of icebergs around the world.

How to Celebrate Coast Guard Day

Some of the memorable ways to honor the people in service include participating in the picnics and sports competitions that coast guard units organize. You can listen to U.S Coast Guard Band and swap thrilling Coast Guard stories with your friends or you can tour any Coast Guard Museums. Even you can arrange a movie night with friends and watch “The Perfect Storm” on Coast Guard Day as a token of appreciation to these courageous people.


Year Date Day
2021 August 4 Wednesday
2022 August 4 Thursday
2023 August 4 Friday
2024 August 4 Sunday
2025 August 4 Monday

Coast Guard Day

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