Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day


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This year, why not celebrate ‘Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day’ by choosing one of the world’s finest rural retreats and enjoying a relaxing weekend getaway.

‘Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day’ is an occasion that originated a good while ago in the west, and thousands of hostelries now make a special effort every year to welcome visitors by providing special events, information and entertainments.

Ways that you could celebrate ‘Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day’ could include cooking your family a traditional fried breakfast, if you are unable to get away for the occasion, perhaps with some specialties of your region, or researching the history of country inns and bed and breakfasts. There are thousands, and quite a few have been the scene of thrilling historical moments. Why not make a bucket list of famous country inns that you would love to visit?

Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day

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