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National Cousins Day is celebrated each year on July 24th. This day is observed to recognize the lifelong relationships of cousins that help to unite families and relatives which gives strength to the family ,

Remember those fun times at grandpa and grandma’s house when the whole family reunited and you spent countless hours playing with your cousins while the grownups discussed politics and mortgages? Many of us grew up around our cousins, spending summer and winter breaks with them and slowly walking into life together. Then came college and that amazing job opportunity out of state, and we gradually lost touch.

Because most of us found a best friend in our cousin at some point in our lives, Cousins Day was born. The origin of this unofficial holiday is unknown, but the reason for its existence is clear: it’s the time of the year to rekindle cousin affection and reestablish those beautiful and strong childhood bonds. Wherever you are on Cousins Day, take a minute or two to ring up or text your cousins near and far. They will surely be thinking of you then, too!

“Cousins are people that are ready-made friends, you have laughs with them and remember good times from a young age, you have fights with them but you always know you love each other, they are a better thing than brothers and sisters and friends cause there all pieced together as one.”

Cousins Day has been created so that we take the day to recognize the lifelong relationships that we have with our cousins. Often, the first friendships that we make in our lives are with our cousins. We make these friendships as infants, and they last for a lifetime.

Whether or not you have grown up with your cousin or you only see him or her occasionally, you have shared memories through your aunts and uncles, as well as your grandparents. It is always nice to catch up with your cousins at family celebrations. They tend to become your childhood ally as well, especially when your siblings are getting on your nerves.

It is important that we celebrate relationships like this, as they are so important. Take Cousins Day as a great opportunity to let your cousins know how special they are to you and how much you appreciate them.

Reasons why growing up with your cousins is the best

  • Cousins are loyal to one and other. You will have a friend for life.
  • You can share cool hand-me-downs with your cousins.
  • Sleepovers are way easier for cousins, and they are a lot of fun too!
  • You are always going to be able to vent about your parents together when you have a cousin you can trust.
  • Cousins love one and other unconditionally.
  • You always have people to hang out with at family functions.
  • Cousins protect one and other.
  • Cousins are each other’s first best friends.

History of Cousins Day

Cousin is a term that typically refers to a first cousin, i.e. a relative whose closest ancestor in the family tree with you is a grandparent. However, a lot of families have second cousins, and third cousins, and they’re all considered close. In our opinion, the more cousins, the better, right?

The two-in-one family and best friend bond is celebrated on National Cousins Day on July 24.

Some fascinating facts about cousins

  • Did you know that all European Jews are actually distant cousins? Thanks to a small pool of shared ancestors, it was revealed in 2014, that the worldwide population of Ashkenazi Jews are related. Ashkenazi Jews represent a Jewish community from Eastern and Central Europe, whose descendants make up the majority of American Jews.
  • Did you know that it is possible for you to have a double cousin? If two sisters marry two brothers, then their children will be double first cousins!
  • Did you know that Mellisa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy are cousins? They’re one of many famous cousin pairs. Nicolas Cage, Jason Schwartzman, and Sofia Coppola are all cousins. Brandy and Snoop Dogg are also cousins. It’s clear that musical ability runs deep in that family, as Brandy’s brother, Ray J, has also had a few top hits.
  • Did you know that Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are actually distant cousins? Their bloodlines are pretty complex! Don’t rush off to marry your cousin, though, just because the royals have! You will find that it is illegal in a lot of places, and experts believe that there are a number of risks. It’s certainly an interesting subject to do some research on. You will find that in some cultures, it’s actually an important part of how they are brought up. However, in others, it is very much frowned upon and even illegal.


25 – the number of U.S. states in which it is illegal to marry your first cousin.

1650-1850 – during this time the average married couple was fourth cousins.

0.20% – the percentage of DNA shared by fourth cousins.

0.78% – the percentage of DNA shared by third cousins.

3.13% – the percentage of DNA shared by second cousins.

12.5% – the percentage of DNA shared by first cousins.

5 – the number of first cousins the average British person has.

1,570 – the number of fourth cousins the average British person has.

4,514 – the Guinness World Record for the largest family reunion, held in France in 2012.

13 million – the number of people in the world’s largest family tree.

Cousins Day

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