Creamsicle Day


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A soft flavor that kids the world over have discovered to sate the heat and give energy to them during the oppressive summer months. That first bite seems to overpower the taste buds, giving a hint that even more surprises await within the frozen delight, this is a day of celebration – Creamsicle Day!

Learn about Creamsicle Day

Is it really summer if you have not had a creamsicle yet? Creamsicle Day is designed to celebrate the delicious citrus and creamy dessert on a stick that most of us enjoy throughout the warmer months. After all, there is no better way to cool down when the sun is shining, is there?

While “Creamsicle” is actually a brand name, a lot of people have come to use it to describe any sort of similar ice cream. The original Creamsicle, though, consists of vanilla ice cream that is on an ice lolly stick, with iced orange juice coating the outside. Orange was the original flavor, but there are now lots of other flavors for you to choose from. This includes everything from strawberry to blueberry and grape.

Did you know that there have been many different variations of the Creamsicle made by the brand? For example, you can get the Fudgsicle, which is a chocolate flavored pop that has a texture that is very much like ice cream? There is also a Dreamsicle, which contains ice milk rather than ice cream. The brand has also created sugar-free pops, low-fat pops, and 100-calorie bars, so if you are watching what you eat or you are on a certain type of diet, you do not need to miss out on a Creamsicle; you can still indulge and enjoy yourself! Which flavor will you be having?

History of Creamsicle Day

Originally created by Frank Eppperson in 1905, this industrious, and inventive 11 year old experimented with putting fruit juice around vanilla ice cream. The original ‘Epsicle’, which later became known as a Popsicle, creamsicle and even dreamsicle, were done with just the orange juice outside. However now you can find them in a myriad of flavors, from orange to blue raspberry, lime, grape, cherry and even blueberry!

This cold delight has been a staple of the summertime ice cream truck since they started moving around, and served at various warm locations since they were spread around as a treat. People have been going around trying all sorts of creamsicles from different areas and locales. Apparently the ones served on Long Island are less about the orange as they are the strong vanilla, while in Florida’s Palm Beach you get a small amount of vanilla flavor and a crazy amount of orange.


  1. How many sold

    ​Over 2 billion Popsicles are sold annually!

  2. Favorite flavor

    Different surveys yield different results but the original Creamsicle seems to be the most popular with cherry flavored popsicles coming in second.

  3. Largest Popsicle ever

    ​The Guinness World Record for largest Popsicle is a 21-foot ice pop made in the Netherlands in 1997.

  4. How many eaten in one minute

    Kevin Strahle, from Ridgewood, New Jersey, claims to have eaten the most Popsicles in one minute — he ate 6 in only 60 seconds on December 7, 2017.

  5. Creamsicle speed eating

    ​Jimmy Prince, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada holds the world record for eating a Creamsicle in 11.81 seconds on July 7, 2014.



Year Date Day
2021 August 14 Saturday
2022 August 14 Sunday
2023 August 14 Monday
2024 August 14 Wednesday
2025 August 14 Thursday

Creamsicle Day

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