Cyber Monday


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Cyber Monday will be celebrated this year on November 27th.

although not a federal holiday, it is a holiday observed on the first Monday after Thanksgiving Day 2021 and Black Friday 2021 in the United States.

Who doesn’t love shopping? More and more people these days are switching from the hassle of going outside to shop in the busy and crowded stores to the convenience of online shopping, where mail trucks can deliver their products right to their door.

The rise of the internet is growing significantly, and because more and more companies are producing an online presence, Cyber Monday becomes a day when profits soar and consumers get their spending gig going. So strap into your comfy computer chairs and let’s learn about Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday was originally conceived by Ellen Davis, senior vice president of the National Retail Federation, and was first used in the e-commerce community during the 2005 holiday season. This holiday was based on research conducted by the NRF, which stated that one of the biggest shopping days of the year was the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Many people who would go out and window shop during Thanksgiving would then connect to their internet and buy what they want. However, because the internet was slow during that time, Cyber Monday grew slowly in popularity, by 26 percent each year according to the Reader’s Digest.

It wasn’t until 2014 when online retailers earned over $2 billion in profits that Cyber Monday became one of the biggest shopping holidays in the United States. Many other countries since then participate in Cyber Monday, and according to Adobe Digital Insights, Cyber Monday exceeded greatly by $3.45 billion in profits, raising the bar for retailers significantly.

Although it isn’t the biggest profitable holiday, as Single’s Day in China takes the cake at $14.3 billion in 24 hours, Cyber Monday is exceedingly popular among Americans as one of the best days to shop online and save lots of money, even though you’re spending it.


  1. Instead of a lunch break, take a shop break

    The downside of Cyber Monday is that, well, it’s on a Monday. Most of us have to work. But who needs a lunch break? On Cyber Monday, take a shop break! Eating can wait.

  2. Indulge your inner Internet shopaholic

    It’s okay to let your freak flag fly once a year. If you secretly love Internet shopping but willfully don’t let yourself indulge, Cyber Monday is the one day you can browse the Internet all day and feel not a shred of guilt.

  3. Crowdsource website recommendations

    Since you’re browsing the Internet on Cyber Monday, you’re probably already on Facebook. Expand your shopping horizons by asking your Facebook friends to share their favorite e-commerce websites. Then prepare to be led down a pleasurable rabbit hole of Internet shopping paradise.


Cyber Monday

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