Drink Beer Day

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Drink Beer Day

Raise a glass of your favorite ale or lager and celebrate Drink Beer Day on September 28th! One of the oldest man-made beverages in history, beer has been produced since the Neolithic Era with some breweries dating back as far as 1040. It is little wonder why drinking beer has come to be such a popular and entertaining activity.

With hundreds of different new and traditional varieties available, Drink Beer Day gives all drinkers a wonderful opportunity to sample both local and internationally brewed ales and lagers.

Held annually, this exciting holiday is recognized in many different countries across the globe, and taking part could not be easier. Simply gather a few friends, nip down to your nearest off-license or supermarket and crack open a beer for a fun-packed day. Alternatively, celebrate by attending beer festivals or beer-tasting events held in your local area.

The most popular beer brand in the US shipped 27.2 million barrels last year and sales of the top three brands exceeded 53 million. So just what are the most popular beers in America?

  • Bud Lite (13.24% Market Share)
  • Coors Light (6.82% Market Share)
  • Miller Light (6.02% Market Share)
  • Budweiser (5.14% Market Share)
  • Michelob Ultra (4.97% Market Share)
  • Modelo Especial (4.56% Market Share)
  • Corona Extra (3.95% Market Share)
  • Natural LIght (3.24% Market Share)


Drink Beer Day

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