Drinking Straw Day


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National Drinking Straw Day

National Drinking Straw Day has been celebrated annually on January 3. Imagine how would you manage to drink a tall glass of juice or cold drinks without a straw? Of course, it will end up putting an artificial mustache on your face which some of us would love to lick it. Drinking straw has transformed the drinking appearances a lot better. So you would agree if a Day is assigned to celebrate this invention. National Drinking Straw Day acknowledges and celebrates the paraffin-covered paper drinking straw.

History of National Drinking Straw Day

The history, origin, and the founder of the National Drinking Straw Day are not known. But the drinking straws have been in existence since several centuries earlier. Sumerians were the first of all to make the straws and they used it for drinking beer. To avoid the solid byproducts of fermentation that sink to the bottom, they would have come up with an idea to make the straws as they were known for drinking beer most often. The oldest drinking straw in existence was found in a Sumerian tomb that dates back to 3,000 B.C.E. The straw was a gold tube inlaid with a precious blue stone lapis lazuli.

The ryegrass straw came into fashion in the 1800s as it was cheap and soft during that time. But it had an unfortunate tendency to turn to mush in liquid. As to address these shortcomings, the modern drinking straw made of paper was patented, in 1888 by Marvin C. Stone. The first straw he made was by wounding the paper around a pencil to make a thin tube, now slid out the pencil from one end, and applied glue between the strips. Later, he refined it with a machine that coats the outside of the paper with the wax to hold it together, such that the glue will not get dissolve in bourbon. At present, there are a lot of shapes, colors, designs, and materials used in the straw making.

How to Celebrate National Drinking Straw Day

Celebrating the National Drinking Straw Day is very simple. You can opt to drink all the cold drinks on this Day using a straw from your morning tender coconut to afternoon milkshake till the final sip of beer at night. Ask your family members, and your colleagues in your office to drink their cold beverages using the straw. You can even introduce a new variety of straw made of renewable sources to reduce the use of plastic. Share your photos with the glass of juice with straw on social media using the hashtag #DrinkingStrawDay.


Drinking Straw Day

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