First Love Day


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First Love Day

September 18th is First Love Day. On this day take time to reminisce about the first time that you felt butterflies in your stomach because it is National First Love Day. Whether it was a childhood friend, a high school crush, or the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with, everybody has had a first love. This is the day to remember your first kiss, a first date, and that feeling of innocent love. Those memories might be bittersweet, but they remain with us throughout our lives.

The future for me is already a thing of the past –
You were my first love and you will be my last

Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan – Love and Theft: Piano/Vocal/Guitar

There is a fever, a passion, an overwhelming and world-destroying power that comes with that first spark of love that enters our lives. It becomes all-consuming, and will leave us elated, destroyed, exalted, and devastated in equal measure in the wake of its passing. First Love Day celebrates this most formative and powerful event in our lives, for all its goods and ills.

First love is truly reckless. Without calculating, it will just throw everything in with pure passion and it will inevitably fail. But it is this experience that makes us want to fall in love over again.

First Love Day is a day to reflect on our first love. For some people, this will feel like a distant memory. Perhaps it was your high school sweetheart? For others, you could still be with your first love today! No matter what applies, First Love Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on those butterflies we experienced when we had the first romantic spark. For some, it can be cherished for memories. For others, the memories may be painful, but they may have taught you some valuable lessons and helped you to become the person that you are today.

There are a number of different reasons why we should appreciate our first love, no matter whether it ended good or bad. We are sure that you had some beautiful stories and memories along the way? Plus, your first love will have taught you a lot of lessons. After all, whenever you do something for the first time, you make mistakes, you experience new things, and you learn lessons along the way. That is what your first love is all about. It shapes you and it makes you a better person, as well as teaching you about things that should not happen in relationships as well.

We’ve all been there, experiencing our very first love. The experience awakens a part of us we didn’t even know was sleeping and grows rapidly to encompass every part of us, changing our inner emotional landscape with every touch of its ever-growing vines. The future becomes an equal parts clear and cloudy as we see nothing else but a life with the subject of our first love, but the specifics of that future are an ever-bubbling dreamscape of hopes and fears mixed in equal measure. Sadly first love rarely lasts for both parties, and inevitably one will see the separation begin to form as each of these new travelers sets off on their own path.

Each will remember the other, through time untold, and each will measure every future love, for better or ill, against that first monumental moment when our heart exploded into fearful, fitful, exalted love for the first time. In time the chasm deep wounds of that parting will heal, though perhaps an old ache combined with a strange fondness will persist ever after. Some of us would never experience that again, others seek for the rest of their lives to grasp it
one more time, that rapture of the first love.

First Love Day

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