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When was the last time that you flossed your teeth, honestly? Yeah, you probably have heard it from your dentist just about every time you have gone to have your teeth cleaned (or cavities filled, or teeth pulled. . .), but have you actually listened to the advice? No more excuses – yes, there’s actually a day to remind you to floss your teeth.

Well, it’s not just that – Flossing Day exists to remind you of your oral health in general, but flossing in particular because that’s the thing that you’re most likely to overlook. Admit it, we all forget to do it.

When Is National Flossing Day?

National Flossing Day first started in 2000, and it comes to us on the day after Thanksgiving.

It seems fitting, given all the tasty turkey, ham, turducken, and fixins we gobble down on the last Thursday of every November.

If there was ever a day when we absolutely, positively need to floss, it would probably be after we’ve eaten one of the largest meals of the year.

But flossing for flossing’s sake on National Flossing Day won’t really do anything to ward off the cavity creeps, as with anything in life – consistency is key!

The American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once a day to achieve the best results for oral health.

Daily flossing helps to remove plaque from the areas in between our teeth – where that $300 toothbrush can’t even reach.

If we don’t floss, that nasty plaque can turn into calculus, which if left untreated will result in gum disease and tooth decay – then worse.

Taking care of our teeth and gums is an important part of maintaining our overall health, not just our dental health.

And it doesn’t matter if your chosen between tooth cleaning tool is good ‘ol fashioned floss, floss picks, or interdental brushes, there are a variety of flossing products available.


Forget Black Friday, let’s celebrate National Flossing Day!

Flossing Day

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