Franchise Appreciation Day


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Franchise Appreciation Day

Franchises allow business and business-minded people to set up and run their very own business with all the support and purchasing energy of the established brand. Franchise Appreciation Day remembers the franchise business design, and encourages you to definitely shop together with your local franchises!

From McDonald’s to Subway to service stations and retail outlets, franchises are a major player in the U.S. economy, supporting more than 7.6 million jobs and $674 billion in economic output from the more than 700,000 franchise establishments.

History of Franchise Appreciation Day

While the obvious aim of Franchise Appreciation Day is to get consumers to buy more products, it originally started on the business side, aiming to bring my synergy and cooperation between groups of similar businesses.

In that vein, maybe seeing a group of cleaning companies bands together to buy supplies and make better use of difficult-to-use equipment and supplies would occur. In the food industry, it could be the cheaper shipping of products due to having so much volume being moved.

Or in the retail industry, banding together to get a good deal on equipment from one supplier. It may even be as simple as a franchise sharing a name to share in promotion costs and to make a new name in an industry. Franchises can be large and small, and exist all over the place, and can pop up in the most remote of areas with a moment’s notice.

Franchise Appreciation Day

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