Franchise Appreciation Day


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The grouping of businesses together under one banner to promote sales and make it cheaper to buy, and produce, the items or services that they do. While many people see a franchise as a whole lot of money, that is not always true.

A franchise can have very little funds, as they are all tied together in making sure the franchise succeeds. This is a day to celebrate that camaraderie and maybe even embrace it deeper than usual with Franchise Appreciation Day!

History of Franchise Appreciation Day

While the obvious aim of Franchise Appreciation Day is to get consumers to buy more products, it originally started on the business side, aiming to bring my syngery and cooperation between groups of similar businesses.

In that vein, maybe seeing a group of cleaning companies band together to buy supplies and make better use of difficult to use equipment and supplies would occur. In the food industry, it could be the cheaper shipping of products due to having so much volume being moved.

Or in the retail industry, banding together to get a good deal on equipment from one supplier. It may even be as simple as a franchise sharing a name to share in promotion costs, and to make a new name in an industry. Franchises can be large and small, and exist all over the place, and can pop up in the most remote of areas with a moments notice.

Franchise Appreciation Day

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