Greasy Food Day


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Greasy food might not be good for your body, but it does wonders for the soul. A healthy diet may prolong your life, but what would you have to live for? What is the point of living to a hundred if you have to subsist on bland food? One may as well die of boredom.

Jessica Zafra

The world is full of a veritable cavalcade of delicious foods, and the vast majority of them are rich in fats and grease. While those of us on a crusade for better health often find ourselves avoiding these amazing foods in favor of a thinner waistline, Greasy Food Day encourages us to take a day off from that diet and remember the good things in life. Otherwise, as Ms. Jafra says, what else are we living for?

History of Greasy Food Day

They get a lot of hate from health fanatics, those delicious meals that make our mouths and our souls sing. Whether we’re talking about the rich stretchy cheese that graces the tops of our favorite pizza dishes, or the flavorful and delicious sub sandwiches that are shine with grease as we unwrap them, greasy foods can truly to be said one of the greatest things in life.

Now it is true that greasy food should be consumed in moderation, but sometimes moderation is a thing for other days. Greasy Food Day encourages you to indulge in your favorite things and remember what it was like to truly be able to enjoy anything without consequence. What’s your favorite greasy food? Juicy hamburgers? Hot dogs bursting with flavor? Sausage Rolls? Maybe you’re Canadian and enjoy the overwhelmingly flavorful and greasy dish that is poutine? Whatever your poison, Greasy Food Day is your excuse to dive in and enjoy them like there’s no tomorrow.


  1. It’s easy

    One of the perks of making or eating greasy food is that it’s so simple to cook. Fries are basically chopped potatoes, oil, and whatever seasonings you prefer. Bacon can be cooked in the oven, keeping the mess low, while fried foods only require one additional step. So when food is delicious and easy to prepare, why not embrace it?

  2. It’s a time-honored method

    While there is no specific evidence, scientists believe our ancestors must have started cooking with oil from animal fats around the same time they started experimenting with fire, around 250,000 years ago. That’s a lot of time to perfect the ideal fried chicken recipe.

  3. It’s an excuse to pig out

    While fatty foods certainly wouldn’t make your doctor’s list of recommended eats, for a single day, you can indulge guilt-free on whatever greasy food you like best. Just remember it’s for a single day, and don’t make a habit it out of it. Or your doctor will have the right to be frustrated with you.


Year Date Day
2021 October 25 Monday
2022 October 25 Tuesday
2023 October 25 Wednesday
2024 October 25 Friday
2025 October 25 Saturday

Greasy Food Day

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