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There are as many types of kiss as there are people to pucker up, and who doesn’t love a good kiss? Whether it’s a quick friendly peck on the cheek between friends, or a long, passionate tongue-lashing between new partners, International Kissing Day celebrates this most enjoyable of activities and the part it plays in cultures throughout the world. If you haven’t shown your partner just how much you enjoy them, maybe International Kissing Day is your chance to remind them with a toe-curling kiss!

History of International Kissing Day

International Kissing Day was established in 2006 to focus on the kissing that takes place between lovers, and to celebrate the place it holds in our society. One of the most surprising things about this holiday is the research that revealed that 5% of people over the age of 45 are locking lips at least 31 times a week! Who would have thought that old fires burn so hot?

Events are organized all over to celebrate International Kissing Day, with events for those who have lovers, and those who are looking for them. Kiss-in’s let you test drive a potential date’s lips before you ever hook up with them for an actual date, and kissing classes help you learn how to become an amazing kisser.

But romantic kissing isn’t the only place that kissing happens in our culture and society. Among high society, it’s not at all unusual to greet with a kiss on each cheek, a tradition that heralds back to the Old World. Young children frequently get kisses from their loving parents, though it’s something that tends to fade as children get older.

Overall, kissing has played an important role in social bonding since time out of mind, and International Kissing Day celebrates them all!

What’s the Goal of International Kissing Day?

Giving your partner a  smooch, or your loved ones a quick peck on the cheek, right? Sure, they are great ways to participate in International Kissing Day (not that the over-45 need an excuse!), but it’s not the reason behind the event.

The art of locking lips has values that are easy to miss in a rush to rack up as many kisses as possible. A kiss isn’t only romantic – it’s a sign of affection that reminds people that you care. 40% of people say that their television screen is their main companion, so a kiss is more necessary than ever.

Also, let’s not forget about the health advantages. Mental health is a big deal, but so is physical wellbeing. Weirdly, and wonderfully, kissing can burn up to 6.4 calories per minute. It certainly beats peacocking at the gym!

Last but not least, it transcends cultural norms. Everybody loves a kiss, regardless of the country or customs. Who knows? You may meet a friend for life on international Kissing Day.

The Dos & Don’ts of Kissing

Of course, your technique has to be on point. Nobody is going to make a lasting friendship with too much tongue. Plus, there are boundaries that everybody has to respect. Although it’s an excellent time of year, it’s a potentially awkward one, too.

  • Ask for consent: you can’t walk up to someone and plant a smacker on their lips without asking first. Okay, you love them and they love you, but it’s still polite to make sure they’re happy!
  • Switch up your kissing game: the wife or hubby will get a “different” type of kiss than your Mom or Dad… Swapping saliva with a partner is a piece of cake, but family members and friends are harder. As a rule, a French-style kiss (not that one!) always works. For those who aren’t familiar with the fine art of a Francais greeting, two to four pecks on the cheek is all it takes to spread the love.
  • Try different kisses: a traditional kiss is all you’ve ever needed, until now. When a standard smooch won’t do, it’s important to reach into your bag and tricks and pull out something appropriate. On International Kissing Day, that means moving away from the lips and opting for a ‘forehead kiss’ instead.

Yes, it’s a real thing, and no, it’s not reserved for parents and grandparents!

Ultimately, International Kissing Day celebrates love. Here are some other holidays around the world that do the same!


26 – the number of calories in one Hershey’s Kiss.

4 – the number of minutes it takes to burn off one Hershey’s Kiss.

2 weeks – the time a person spends in their life kissing.

$1,600 – the price at which a lipstick imprint of a kiss made by Mick Jagger was sold at.

79 – the number of guys the average woman kisses before marriage.

90% – the percentage of people in the world who kiss on the lips.

50% – the percentage of people who have kissed before reaching teenage years.

100 – times more sensitivity of the lips compared to the tips of our fingers.

34 – the number of facial muscles used to kiss someone.

5 – cranial nerves involved in one kiss.


Year Date Day
2021 July 6 Tuesday
2022 July 6 Wednesday
2023 July 6 Thursday
2024 July 6 Saturday
2025 July 6 Sunday

International Kissing Day

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