International Safety Pin Day

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Safety Pin Day

Celebrate simplicity and practicality this Safety Pin Day. Legend has it that, in 1849, Walter Hunt, the inventor of the safety pin, owed a friend $15 and decided to invent something new in order to earn the money to repay him. He invented the safety pin.

Strong and sharp, yet safe enough to be used on clothing, safety pins are a simple yet ingenious invention, which practically everyone has used at some point. Why not take inspiration from Walter Hunt this Safety Pin Day and try to come up with your own clever invention? It’s a great challenge for children, too, who love to come up with new ideas. Perhaps give a prize for the best new invention and watch their little minds tick away.

History of International Safety Pin Day

International Safety Pin DayThe origin and reason for the celebration of International Safety Pin Day remain unknown. This day may be selected because Walter Hunt, the founder of the safety pin received a patent for his invention on April 10, 1849. Walter Hunt was an American mechanic. He made this invention to pay a debt of $15 to a friend. It is believed that he accidentally invented the safety pin while he was using an eight inches long brass wire. He didn’t get any money or fame during that time, so he sold the patent to W. R. Grace and Company for $400. Hunt used that money to repay his debt and the rest for himself. Later W.r Grace and Company made millions of profit from his invention.

International Safety Pin Day

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