International Sailor Moon Day


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It all started with a small black cat with a lot to say, and a young girl named Usagi Tsukino who received a brooch that transforms her into the titular Sailor Moon. From that point forward a team of Sailor Guardians becomes assembled, and they’re out to save the world from all the enemies that come their way. International Sailor Moon Day celebrates this incredibly popular manga and the anime series that was birthed from it, so get out there and get your Guardian on!

History of International Sailor Moon Day

The date of International Sailor Moon Day is set on the birthday of Mamoru’s birthday i.e. 6th August. It makes perfect sense considering that he’s the Prince of Earth and represents us all. Sailor Moon is so popular that it has garnered an international fanbase in such a short time, originally published in Japan in 1991 it sold 1 million copies by 1995 and just kept growing.

Now the rage is global, both in its manga and its anime format, and it has sold over 35 million copies in fifty countries, that’s some serious Sailor love right there!

Speaking of Sailor Love, Sailor Moon (the manga) has stood as a strong symbol for the LGBTQ communities thanks to its “naturalization” of lesbianism, a result of the futuristic setting and the goals of its creators to show equality in its writing. It’s been said to emphasize a particular feminist model by “combining traditional masculine action with traditional female affection and sexuality”, a truly daring advance by its writers and fans considering the year it was made.

The personages gained so great popularity that various companies began producing lots of video games, soundtracks, action figures, card games, theatrical musicals and light novels. So dedicating a Sailor Moon Day seemed logical and what better to do than cross-dress that day to look your fabulous favorite character.

International Sailor Moon Day

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