International Strange Music Day

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International Strange Music Day was created by Patrick Grant, a New York City musician. The premise is simple: to get people to play and listen to types of music they have never experienced before. The ‘strange’ part can mean either unfamiliar or bizarre – the choice is entirely yours.

Patrick believes broadening people’s musical spectrums can also change the way we look at other aspects of life – his mantra is ‘listening without prejudice’. This growing movement has concerts, a record label, and strong support from summer schools, where it is appreciated as a great way to stimulate young minds.

Have you ever wanted to combine a tight Wonder Woman costume, a frozen turkey drumstick and an inflatable wildebeest into a percussion concert? International Strange Music Day gives you the perfect excuse. What you do with these items once the music stops, of course, is your business…

History of International Strange Music Day

International Strange Music Day

The Strange Music Day was established in the year 1998 by Patrick Grant, a professional musician from the New York City. Patrick Grant was a Julliard graduate and is the founder and artistic director of the Strange Music Inc. The strange part often means either unfamiliar or bizarre where the selection is entirely yours. The aim of this organization is to publish the recordings and presenting compelling new music.  Patrick believes in broadening people’s musical spectrums as it can additionally change the way we look at other aspects of life. It is according to his mantra ‘listening without prejudice.’ The fast-growing movement has a record label, concerts, and strong support from the summer schools, where it is appreciated as an excellent way to stimulate the minds of young people. So it is a perfect day to do some weird, strange things in the field of music.

International Strange Music Day

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