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There’s nothing that puts a wonderful cap on the day like an ice-cold beer, and there are those that would argue that the only thing better is a beer that found its start in the cold. Lager is the perfect combination of these two traits, one of mankind’s oldest fermented beverages combined with a long, slow maturation process in the cold. Lager Day is the perfect time to enjoy this delicious blonde drink and to learn a little bit about the history that sets it apart.

Born in the 19th century Bavaria Lager was the result of brewers experimenting with the benefits of storing beer for long periods in cold environments. Brewed using a bottom-fermenting yeast this beer would then be transported to places where the temperature remained low, first in cellars, and then transported to the caves of the Alps. Deep within the frozen cellars of the Earth they would be packed in ice from the mountains or lakes and left to “lager” over the summer. The word Lager itself speaks of this method, being derived from the German word for “to store”, Lagern.

This process allowed all the sediments and yeast to settle to the bottom of the beer, leaving only a clear, crisp golden liquid that had a purity of taste the was unmatched anywhere else at the time. In the 19th century, even this process resulted in a much darker Lager than we’re used to today, partially as a result of the heavier waters of the area, but the refinement of the process lead to the beautiful golden beverage many Lager lovers drink today. For those seeking a more traditional flavor the darker version of this beer, known as Dunkel or Dunkles, can still be found brewed in Bavaria to this day.


  1. Host a Beer Olympics

    Set up a Facebook event page and have your friends form teams (of 6) for your very own Beer Olympics! Popular games in the series include: beer pong (obvi), flip cup, and other bro-tastic drinking games. One rule: lagers only.

  2. Cook up a dish that calls for lager

    There are many delicious recipes that require the use of beer. Some popular items that you may not have known include lager, include carne asada, can-can chicken, beer dip, chocolate Guinness cake, and other boozy dishes.

  3. Have an international lager party

    Beer is consumed throughout the world, which means there are a variety of beers you probably haven’t tasted yet. Invite your friends over and require them to bring a lager from a beer of a specific country. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Lager Day

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