Look For An Evergreen Day

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Look For An Evergreen Day

Look for an Evergreen Day is celebrated on December 19th each year. To many people, only a fresh cut real tree will do for Christmas. The scent of fresh pine helps to capture the feel of the holidays. Nothing looks more real than a real tree, each one with its own character and appearance.

There is no shortage of types of Christmas trees. Generally classified as firs, spruces, and pines, the most popular varieties have changed over the years. Personal preference and factors like your preference for short needle or long needle trees will help you to decide which variety of trees to select. Varieties of Christmas Trees

Look For An Evergreen Day

As we researched this special day, we questioned the timing. Chances are, you bought your live Christmas tree already. Years ago, however, people bought live Christmas trees late in the season. That’s probably why December 19th was declared “Look for an Evergreen Day”.

If you are still treeless, this special day could be the day to find the perfect Christmas Tree.

Every year one thing remains the same around the holidays, people everywhere have to decide at what point before the big day they’re going to go out and hunt down a Christmas tree· Look for an Evergreen Day is about the last opportunity you have if you haven’t already gotten yours to ensure you have a tree for the Holidays

Even if you’ve already got your tree for this year, this is a great opportunity to go out and familiarize yourself with the other types of Evergreens in your neighborhood, and discover that these regal giants are around you all year round.

Look for an Evergreen Day was originally established by the National Arborist Association to create a day to appreciate the beauty of these trees outside of the confines of merely being bedecked with glittering lights and ornaments· Even in the depths of winter, these noble trees keep their foliage, providing that wonderful green and white contrast that is so representative of deep winter.

Evergreens have played an important role in many societies throughout the ages, selected for religious observances due to their seemingly eternal nature even in a season of death· But that’s not the only place they’re represented, the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest were entirely reliant on the red cedar for multiple aspects of their culture· Whether they were making clothing, fishing line, ropes, or building their homes or canoes, the red cedar was vital a vital part of their lives.

Going back even further, most people have heard about how Socrates was made to drink a glass of hemlock tea, which he did with his normal unflinching nature· Hemlocks are a shade-tolerant evergreen with short striped needles· As you can tell, knowing the difference between your evergreens could one day save your life!

Look For An Evergreen Day

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