Make A Gift Day


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A Gift that’s handmade,
Is a gift not replaced,
Entrapping sweet memories,
That can’t be erased.

Amanda Evanson

There’s just something amazing about unwrapping a gift, wondering what’s inside. Underneath the wrapping paper could be anything, a CD from your favorite band, a new headset from Best Buy, any one of a million things from a million stores. But what’s really special is when you open up that paper and what’s found inside is a tangible representation of the love and adoration the person giving the gift felt you. Nothing says that like a hand-made gift, and on Make a Gift Day, you get to be the one to share that love with the people you care about.

History of Make A Gift Day

There was time, not all that long ago, when a hand-made gift was the only sort of gift you could give. There were no major manufacturing facilities churning out the latest tchotchke that you and every one of your friends has, instead when a gift was made, you knew that it was hand-made. Even more common was that a gift would be hand-made by those presenting it, with time and care spent crafting it with you specifically in mind. Can you imagine how important that made every article you received? Whether it was a simple ash-tray, a new shirt, or a crib for the baby that was on the way, each of them were hand made with attention and love.

Show Your Love

Gifts are a way for people to show love and concern for the recipients. They may also be presented as a token of respect or as a sign of forgiveness. In many cultures, gifts are given out during festivals, weddings and other major life events like birthdays, retirements and housewarmings.

How to Celebrate Make A Gift Day

The best way to celebrate the occassion is by making your own handmade gift for your person. You can spend some time browsing the internet and find DIY activities. Learn more about handmade gifts and their making by watching different videos. Buy necessary items to make a gift and start making it. Let out your creativity and imagination wild on this celebration Day. It need not be expensive. Anything like gift cards, clay dolls, paintings, a handwoven sweater, and such things can also be given as gifts. Finally, cover up your gift with a gift wrapper and surprise your ever-lovable person.

Make A Gift Day

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