Meatball Day


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Just the word meatball is enough to bring to mind great family meals for most people. These little balls of various meats can be found throughout the world in almost every culture. Most people may associate them with Italian cuisine, though spaghetti and meatballs is an American dish. No matter your background, you can jump in and enjoy Meatball Day!

History of Meatball Day

There are many times in history that meatballs have been recorded in culinary records. In Turkey, there is a dish called kofte which has many different variations. In China, there is a record of a recipe that can date back to 221 BC! Ancient Rome can add a claim to meatballs as there is a surviving cookbook that holds a variety of recipes with balls of meat. It’s easy to see that people have been enjoying meatballs for a very long time.

Meatballs are made by taking ground or minced meat that has been mixed with spices, breadcrumbs, eggs, or other ingredients and then rolled into a ball to be cooked. Cooking methods vary and include frying, braising, or baking. There is no wrong way to choose to make your version of the meatball. Just remember to make a large enough batch so that all your friends and family will get to try them!


  1. Every culture has its own meatball tradition

    Every area of the world has its own traditions and history surrounding meatballs—frikadellers, kofteh, polpette, albondigas! Whatever the name — meat, spices and a lot of love come together to create savory balls of goodness.

  2. Meatballs play with sauce, all sorts of sauce

    Meatballs play well with so many other types of food—why limit yourself to spaghetti and meatballs with a tomato sauce (as delicious as that is)? A creamy curry sauce transforms vegetarian kofta; an herby, tangy chimichurri would take rabbit albondigas to the next level.

  3. Even picky eaters can find something to love

    There’s something about their playful (and flavorful) nature that makes meatballs a perennial favorite for kids and adults alike. You may not know what you want to eat…chances are, though, that once you see a few succulent, meaty orbs sitting in front of you, you’re going to dive right in!


Year Date Day
2021 March 9 Tuesday
2022 March 9 Wednesday
2023 March 9 Thursday
2024 March 9 Saturday
2025 March 9 Sunday

Meatball Day

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