National Carbonara Day


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National Carbonara Day

On April 6th, enjoy the flavors of Italy and celebrate National Carbonara Day!

If you love Italian food, pasta, or just enjoy cooking, this food holiday challenges you to put your best recipe to the test. Purists turn up their noses at bacon, and others debate cheeses. However, adding the right amount of seasoning, the best pasta, and garlic seems to make or break this delicious dish, too!

No matter how you make your carbonara, get in on the taste test. Or better yet, order up a plate at your favorite Italian restaurant. Then dive into a heaping plate of creamy, indulgent carbonara to celebrate.

National Carbonara Day History

The Italian Association of Confectionery and Pasta Industries and (AIDEPI) and the International Pasta Organization (IPO) created National Carbonara Day in 2017 to celebrate the dish that millions of pasta lovers identify as the taste of Italy.

National Carbonara Day

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