National Dress Day


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National Dress Day

On March 6th, observe National Dress Day by reflecting on memorable events when we recall dearest memories by what we were wearing.

Dresses have been worn for hundreds of years. Today, they come in a variety of shapes and designs. From long, mini, fit, and flare to the ball gown and A-line, there are many ways to celebrate. Throughout the years, dress designs have changed drastically! However, they still provide a distinctive look and one-of-a-kind fit adding a level of poise and confidence to any event.

On our most important days, we seek out the perfect dress made for the occasion.  Whether it is prom, an interview, a first date, or a big wedding day, National Dress Day will give us all a reason to relive some of our dearest memories.  We invite you to celebrate National Dress Day with us on March 6th.

National Dress Day History

Ashley Lauren founded National Dress Day to honor all of the ways dresses help us celebrate the significant moments of our lives. The Registrar at National Day Calendar® declared National Dress Day in October of 2016.

About ASHLEYlauren

Since the launch of ASHLEYlauren in 2011, fashion designer, businesswoman, and founder of TEAMfabulous™, Ashley Lauren Kerr has recognized the power of fashion. Immersed in design, intrigued by the latest trends, and influenced by classic silhouettes, she takes great pride in creating dresses that fit a unique style and personality. It is Ashley Lauren’s passion for all things fabulous that motivates her to design a dress line that is both timeless and modern. Follow ASHLEYlauren on Instagram @ashleylaurenme for all things TEAMfabulous™, including gorgeous dresses!


  1. Dresses are comfortable

    Is there anything more comfortable to wear than a dress? The answer is no — and you just have to look to fashion throughout history and around the world to be assured that dresses are the best! Men, women, and children have worn versions of the dress throughout history, and it many warm countries, men wear dresses, also called tunics, as a way to stay cool.

  2. Dresses are versatile

    There are so many different kinds of dresses that there is one for every occasion! There are dresses for sleeping, dresses for lounging around the house, dresses for playing sports in, dresses for work, dresses for play, and of course, dresses for the most special occasions in our lives, like prom dresses, wedding dresses, and red carpet dresses.

  3. Dresses are beautiful

    Dresses can be pragmatic of course, but they can also be beautiful. Designer dresses can be works of art, and some of the world’s best museums have had dresses on exhibit to highlight their beauty and craftsmanship. They can be embroidered, hand-beaded, hand-stitched and made of the finest materials.


Year Date Day
2021 March 6 Saturday
2022 March 6 Sunday
2023 March 6 Monday
2024 March 6 Wednesday
2025 March 6 Thursday

National Dress Day

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