National Family PJ Day


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Comfort comes in the form of National Family PJ Day. Celebrated each year on November 14th, the day invites everyone of all ages to wear their favorite pajamas for a party.

Whether we snuggle in for extra sleep or binge watch our favorite television series, the day will be filled with family highlights. Board games in our warm flannels or pillow fights while wearing our best footie PJs will create lasting memories. Do a little holiday shopping online while the youngest family members catch up on their sleep.

You know you have a favorite pair of pajamas. How many have matching sets for everyone in the family? Set up the camera and take a family picture. What a priceless way to mark the occasion. PJs, the family, and a cozy day together.

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Pick out your coziest PJs. Sleep in, snuggle in and spend all day in them. Bring the entire family together. Matched, mismatched. Even your furbaby can cuddle up and catch some shut-eye with you. What better way to enjoy this celebration than in the comfort of your PJs surrounded by the love of your family? Take that selfie and share it on social media using  #NationalFamilyPJDay.


Soma® founded National Family PJ Day in 2019 to celebrate lounging around with our nearest and dearest during Sleep Comfort Month. Soma offers a range of comfortable sleep options their customers know and love. After all, sleep is an extremely important aspect of healthy living, and everyone deserves to be comfy. During the holiday season, Soma’s sleep collection becomes their most popular product category. They don’t blame everyone out there trying to get a little shut-eye with the hecticness this time brings. They even have items for the family dog, so don’t leave them out of the celebration.

National Family PJ Day

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