National Fitness Day


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National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day, on the first Saturday in May, offers an opportunity to be inspired and try new ways of becoming fit and healthy.

The day is dedicated to everyone – not just health enthusiasts. Step out and try a class that looks interesting. Zumba? Yoga? Yes, try it for a day. Perhaps you only want to get out and stretch. Do it!

Maybe you already have a nice routine but want to try something new. The day is an excellent way to shake up your routine. And while you’re at it, bring a friend.

National Fitness Day History

Kim Bielak founded National Fitness Day™ in 2017 to encourage healthy lifestyles across the country.


Inspire and Be Inspired
  • Try something new. Incorporating a different exercise adds a whole new perspective on physical fitness. If you’re a runner and trying yoga may increase flexibility and reduce injuries.
  • Add spice to your playlist. When was the last time you changed your workout songs? Jazz it up a little and see if you don’t have more spring at step class.
  • Invite new faces. The more, the merrier, and we all need motivation some days.
  • Find some inspiration. Whether it’s the feeling of the sweat on your face or the satisfaction of making that hill, find the reason to feel better and keep going.

Need some inspiration? Find out what inspires others. Discover what others find empowering about fitness. Use #NationalFitnessDay to share on social media.

2 May 2020
1 May 2021
7 May 2022
6 May 2023
4 May 2024
3 May 2025
2 May 2026
1 May 2027
6 May 2028
5 May 2029
4 May 2030

National Fitness Day

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