National Flapjack Day


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National Flapjack Day

March 7th delivers National Flapjack Day with piping-hot flavor and goodness. The day honors the sturdy, wholesome cakes we’ve been cooking up for generations! Recipes handed down from grandmother to son and mother to daughter continue to bring smiles to families all across the country.

Flapjacks were a staple of pioneers pursuing new lives on the frontier. Packed with nutrients and energy, flapjacks provided the fuel they needed to withstand the often arduous trails.

Stacked high, flapjacks remind us of mornings in grandma’s kitchen when the coffee was fresh. We topped them with fresh blueberries and real maple syrup. Maybe today, you add pecans or walnuts, thick-sliced bananas, and your favorite nut butter.  Fresh whipped cream always makes flapjacks seem extra special, too.

No matter where you go, the flavor and aroma of hot off-the-griddle flapjacks never go wrong. They’ll fuel you up for a day of hiking, playing, exploring, and celebrating, too!

National Flapjack Day History

kodiak logo 2021Kodiak Cakes founded National Flapjack Day in 2020 to celebrate a healthier flapjack to fuel our consumers’ daily frontier, whatever and wherever that may be.

Everyone loves flapjacks, they’re filling and delicious, but now there’s an even better reason to eat them all day long. This March 7th, join Kodiak Cakes in celebrating National Flapjack Day — but it’s not just a celebration of all things syrup, butter, and breakfast. It’s an excellent excuse to indulge in a staple food that’s been an essential part of adventures of any size since the days of the frontier.

Before over-processed ingredients and nutrient-deprived grains, meals needed to be balanced, hearty, and full of ingredients that could keep folks going. That’s the legacy Kodiak Cakes is dedicated to preserving through our flapjack mix, which began with our founder Joel Clark and a small red wagon.

Back then, he took to the neighborhood streets to sell brown bags of his mother’s heirloom recipe. Today, Kodiak Cakes has taken that same dedication to the national spotlight. So, grab a stack, split a few silver dollars, or fill a plate with your favorite flavor – Happy National Flapjack Day.

In 2020, the Registrar of the National Day Calendar proclaimed National Flapjack Day to be observed on March 7th annually.

National Flapjack Day

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