National Freezer Pop Day


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In the heat of summer, National Freezer Pop Day brings the sweet chill of relief! On July 8th, grab one of America’s favorite ways to cool off with a frozen sweet treat.

Freezer pops have a long history – one that’s over 60 years old. And that history includes kids and summer fun. What’s better than getting outdoors and spending time with friends and family? Well, perhaps cooling off with a freezer full of freezer pops in every flavor of the rainbow.

Summer is one of the best times of the year. It’s important to keep the freezer or cooler stocked with freezer pops of all varieties and textures. There’s one for people of all ages! They make the summer even better and more memorable. And they’re shareable, too. Everyone has their favorite flavor, and you know which one it is by looking in the seemingly always near-empty freezer or cooler. From lazy summer days to busy sporting events, these portable treats please even the pickiest crowd.


Stock your freezer with freezer pops. Enjoy your favorite flavor and include a friend or family member in the experience. Share your summer day with us by using #NationalFreezerPopDay on social media.


JelSert LogoThe Jel Sert Co. founded National Freezer Pop Day in 2020 to celebrate the summer and being a kid with freezer pops. The Jel Sert Co. is the maker of Fla-Vor-Ice, Otter Pops, Pop-Ice, Kool Pops, All Sport, and Wyler’s Authentic Italian Ice.

In 2020, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the day to be observed on July 8th, annually.

National Freezer Pop Day

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