National Hand Roll Day


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July 6th ushers in National Hand Roll Day with the freshest flavor and style! The day encourages us to explore our senses by experiencing one of sushi’s culinary pleasures.

Japanese sushi hand rolls delight the senses with vibrant color, taste, and texture. Since every delicate hand roll is masterfully designed, the chef presents each one as a work of art. A delicious dip into soy enhances the perfect bite, too. Whether it’s spicy or sweet, or a combination of both, we delight in eating hand rolls with friends over sake, wine, or a Japanese beer.

Ideally, a hand roll is eaten right away and consists of the freshest fish. Hand rolls also include specially harvested seaweed, house-made sauces, and warm rice. When everything comes together, the final result is not only beautiful but incredibly delicious.

hand·roll /ˈhandrōl/ noun: hand-roll
a type of sushi in the form a cylindrical or conical roll of crisp nori filled with rice, fish, or vegetables


If you’ve never had a hand roll, July 6th is the day to try your first. Head out to your favorite sushi restaurant and bring friends, too! Or, better still, make your own with this sushi-making kits. Enjoy it as a meal or an appetizer to the main dish. But don’t forget to cleanse your palate with ginger between each kind of hand roll. It enhances the enjoyment!

All of this and more celebrates #NationalHandRollDay! Be sure to enjoy more than one and use #NationalHandRollDay to share on social media.


Sushi Nozawa Group -the group behind SUGARFISH, KazuNori, and Nozawa Bar– founded National Hand Roll Day to celebrate the hand roll and Chef Nozawa introduction of the cylindrical-style hand roll to the United States over 40 years ago.

Sushi Nozawa Group opened KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar in 2014 on the belief that the experience of eating hand rolls is truly something special and worthy of its own restaurant. With an unwavering commitment to quality, KazuNori makes their hand rolls with only the freshest fish, along with specially harvested seaweed, house-made sauces, and signature warm rice. In each location, guests dine at the counter while watching the chef make their hand rolls. And most importantly, they enjoy them while the seaweed is at its best.

In 2019, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Hand Roll Day to be observed on July 6th annually.

National Hand Roll Day

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