National Hemp Day

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National Hemp Day

On February 4th, National Hemp Day proudly weaves a celebration surrounding an industry with a long and innovative history.
Hear the stories on why we celebrate National Hemp Day and National Thank A Mail Carrier Day as told by the founder of National Day Calendar, Marlo Anderson.

Did you know hemp has been a part of human civilization for thousands of years? The world’s earliest civilizations used hemp fibers to make fabric for clothing and other materials. Even America’s founding fathers drafted early documents on hemp paper. During the last century, leaders used a “Hemp for Victory” campaign during WWII to encourage farmers to grow hemp for military use. Since then, hemp has been an essential material in the innovation of several industries. For example shipping, construction, and textiles rely on hemp for numerous products. Most recently, the construction industry started using hemp in place of concrete (known as hempcrete) since it is windproof and offers a lower carbon footprint.

The Industrial Hemp Pilot Program allowed several states to grow, cultivate, and process hemp for agricultural purposes. These programs brought thousands of new jobs to an industry that had long been considered obsolete because of the Schedule I classification of hemp (the same classification as heroin and LSD).

In 2018, the hemp industry celebrated a huge win with the passage of the Farm Bill. Hemp – including the leaves, stalks, and stems – has since been rescheduled to a Schedule V classification, the same as OTC low-dose codeine. As a result, the growing, producing, and distribution of hemp are legal on a national level. Products made from hemps such as CBD, clothing, plastics, paint, insulation, and biofuels will now be more readily available. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill brings massive growth potential. Some publications are estimating that the hemp industry will become a multi-billion dollar industry for the United States.

How To Observe

It’s easy: support your hemp farmers and research hemp-derived products. Celebrate the history of hemp and the farmers who work so hard to grow it. Check out the products they have to offer; hemp can be found anywhere, from soaps and shampoos to socks and shorts. Join other hemp supporters out there on social media by using the hashtag #NationalHempDay on Feb. 4th!

National Hemp Day

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