National Mimosa Day


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National Mimosa Day

National Mimosa Day on May 16th celebrates the beverage of brunches! This simple cocktail offers a refreshing toast-worthy drink at celebrations of all kinds. Made with orange juice and sparkling wine, mimosas also add a bright punch of flavor the day after a celebration.

No matter the celebration, mimosas are served up in tall champagne glasses. They turn basic buffets and summer brunches into a festive occasion. You also don’t have to break the bank to make them. Fill the glasses half full with your favorite sparkling wine (it doesn’t have to be expensive champagne) and top it off with chilled orange juice. Garnish with an orange slice, and you’re all set.

Overnight guests will be delighted when you greet them with mimosas and an egg bake you prepared the night before. Or perhaps you’ll heat up the waffle maker. Whatever you serve, the morning will be a hit.

National Mimosa Day

Jace Shoemaker Galloway, the Queen of Holidays, created National Mimosa Day. As we celebrate this holiday, we also encourage you to check out these other beverage days:

  • Margarita Day
  • Paloma Day
  • Mocktail Week
  • Orange Wine Day
  • Gin and Tonic Day


  1. Brunch!

    Mimosas and brunch go together like eggs and bacon, pancakes and syrup, or orange juice and…champagne. May 16 falls on a Thursday this year but don’t let a workday stop you from enjoying this combination. If you can’t pull off brunch then have breakfast for dinner! The promise of French toast and mimosas will help you get through the day.

  2. Create a new twist on an old favorite

    Mimosas don’t always have to be made with orange juice. Try substituting it with your favorite fruit juice instead. Cranberry, grapefruit, and blueberry are great with champagne, but get creative! You can toss a few berries or fruit slices in as well to give it extra flavor and make it look even prettier.

  3. Make non-alcoholic mimosas

    If you are under 21 or would simply prefer a non-alcoholic option then you’re in luck! Mimosas are just as tasty and refreshing when substituting ginger ale for champagne. Sparkling juices, such as sparkling apple cider, are also good substitutes for champagne.



Year Date Day
2021 May 16 Sunday
2022 May 16 Monday
2023 May 16 Tuesday
2024 May 16 Thursday
2025 May 16 Friday

National Mimosa Day

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