National Record Store Day


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National Record Store Day

On National Record Store Day, owners, employees, and music lovers gather in the place that created a culture of its own.

From vinyl to digital and back to vinyl again, the brick and mortar store celebrates a love of not just the music, but the art of jacket covers, words, and style. Through a variety of events, record stores across the country and the world hold one day events and promotions.

Even though independent record stores have dwindled in the last decade, around 1,400 still remain in operation in the United States. Most of those are operating in major metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle. However, other smaller metro areas also cater to vinyl and disc, too. Think Duluth, Fargo, Des Moines, and Terre Haute. They all have record stores full of classic albums waiting for you to discover your favorite cover.

National Record Store Day History

Founded in 2007 by a gathering of independent record store owners, the first National Record Store Day included Metallica meeting fans at Rasputin Music in San  Fransico. Since then, the celebration spread globally encompassing all genres of music and fandom.

18 April 2020
17 April 2021
16 April 2022

National Record Store Day

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