National Red Wine Day


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On August 28th, National Red Wine Day ushers in the flavors of fall. As the grapes ripen and signal a time for warmer sips, wine drinkers know reds mean tailgating and spicy foods.

Throughout the year, wine days afford us the opportunity to taste and learn about the differences between wines. Earlier this month National Prosecco Day gave us the last bubbly rays of summer. Now we savor the best of the season with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir, Port, and Syrah.

Red wine varietals produce deep ruby reds as well as subtle ambers and browns. Their beautiful colors hint at the coming change in the season. With that, we can look for delicious menu changes, too. Besides, what better way to enjoy a great bottle of wine than by pairing it with excellent company and food. Restaurants around the country will be happy to oblige throughout the celebration. Be sure to check out the latest menus from appetizers to desserts.

Don’t fear the red, either. Even if you prefer a sweeter wine, there’s a red for you. Also, blends offer a way to enjoy the best of both wine worlds. And don’t fret. Red, red wine pairs well with salad, steak, dessert and so much more.

If you’re hesitant, attend a wine tasting. There you will learn more each time and find the wine that fits not only your palate but your cooking style, too.


4100 B.C.
The first winery established

The oldest-known winery is founded in what is now Armenia.

800 B.C.
Greek wine takes root

The ancient Greeks perfect wine and use it for trade, religion, and health. As they conquer new lands, they plant grapevines, including in Spain and Italy.

The 1300s-1500s
Don’t drink the water

For many years, Europe had no steady supply of clean drinking water causing the public (including children) to drink wine, instead.

Spanish wine debuts in the New World

The Spanish bring wine to the Americas as a completely new alcoholic beverage


New varieties of wine emerge

Vineyards in California, Australia, and South America start producing wines to rival those from Europe.


  1. Oenophobia

    Oenophobia is a thing — that’s the (totally real) scientific term used to describe people with a fear of wine.

  2. Red vs. white

    Wine tasting is all about expectations: Even enology students have trouble discerning red wine from white wine in the blind study (Brochet 2001).

  3. Like long legs?

    Your wine’s “legs” don’t mean what you think they do. Rather than showing quality, “legs” show that wine has high alcohol content.


  1. Red wine keeps us healthy

    A five-ounce glass of wine is fat-free, cholesterol-free, and only 100 calories. But other than helping to keep you slim and trim, red wine keeps your brain sharp. Resveratrol is in the skin of red grapes, and it’s the mortal enemy of beta-amyloid — a protein that’s a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s. So, a glass of wine here and there can slow down the formation of this baddie. Looks like they weren’t kidding when they said, “Let’s drink to your health.”

  2. Sangria!

    Sangria is a refreshing way to cool off in the summer. It’s also a great way to expand your taste buds’ horizons. There’s literally no end to the variety, with some recipes containing bitters or Italian amaro liqueurs. Being that it’s National Red Wine Day, you probably want to stick to red wine-based sangria. (But, if you sneak some white wine into the party, we won’t think any less of you…okay, maybe just a little!)

  3. Red wine makes food taste better

    Drinking a glass of red wine isn’t the only way to celebrate. Wine not only pairs well with food but it’s a key ingredient in some seriously tasty dishes. There are standard dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese that have red wine infused in the sauce. If you’re a more adventurous foodie, try some cabernet apple slaw. You’ll also be happy to know that red wine is a nice complement to spiced pear bread pudding.


Year Date Day
2021 August 28 Saturday
2022 August 28 Sunday
2023 August 28 Monday
2024 August 28 Wednesday
2025 August 28 Thursday

National Red Wine Day

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