National South Dakota Day

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National South Dakota Day

On April 26, National South Dakota Day recognizes the 40th state to join the union.

The Mount Rushmore State keeps its doors open all year round. After exploring the mountain, visitors can also enjoy Thomas Jefferson‘s vanilla ice cream while gazing at his likeness. And these sculptures are not the only ones South Dakota proudly displays, either. While there are several man-made displays, Wind Cave, the Missouri River, and the badlands remind us that mother nature still carves out her own.

As part of the Corps of Discovery, Lewis and Clark established Fort Pierre in 1804. Yankton was named the territorial capital in 1861 when the Dakota Territory was organized. However, Pierre would later be named the state capital when South Dakota is granted statehood in 1889 along with North Dakota.

The Black Hills of South Dakota hold tall tales, high trails, and deep valleys. From Deadwood to Sturgis and all points in between, the winding roads are breathtaking. Visit Spearfish Canyon for a hike or a relaxing drive.

Split Rock Creek north of Sioux Falls provides rock faces for climbers looking for a challenge. After the test, relax by the rushing waters of Big Sioux River in Sioux Falls.

The entire state is rich in history from corner to corner. The landscape changes dramatically from north to south with plenty of snow for skiers in winter and tons of sunshine in the summer.

National South Dakota Day

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