National Wine And Cheese Day


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On July 25th, we celebrate the ultimate pairing of wine and cheese. National Wine and Cheese Day provides an opportunity to sample some of our favorites.

The pairing of wines and cheese has been a regionalized tradition. Across wine-producing cultures, many pair their regional wines with local cheeses. For example, the French Brie region is noted for its tannic wine varietals. Their Beaujolais goes well with the Brie produced in the area. However, that doesn’t stop a sommelier or cheesemonger from making other recommendations to their clientele.

Although regional preferences may take precedence in distinct areas, don’t hesitate to accept a sommelier’s suggestion. Sommeliers understand a developing palate. Through experience and skill, they guide those new to wine tasting through the basics. In addition, sommeliers keep sophisticated wine lovers abridged of the latest varietals.

Equally important is the knowledge of the cheesemonger. They’ve developed a knowledge base beyond mold and yeast. Because cheese tops more than a burger or a salad, cheesemongers stay updated on the latest cooking and wine trends. Their highly developed palate leads cheese and wine lovers to the best pairings and satisfying results.


National Wine and Cheese Day have been observed since 2014.


  1. Keep the tannins low

    Get advice on which wines are low in tannins — which can overpower your enjoyment of an accompanying cheese. .

  2. Balance salty and sweet

    Pairing a good quality blue cheese, feta or Gouda with a dry wine might induce a pucker and lessen your enjoyment.

  3. Add fruit and nuts to your pairings

    Top off brie and berries with a Merlot. Walnuts, cheddar and a Cabernet are another winning combo.


Year Date Day
2021 July 25 Sunday
2022 July 25 Monday
2023 July 25 Tuesday
2024 July 25 Thursday
2025 July 25 Friday

National Wine And Cheese Day

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