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If you are wondering what the devil is Odie then you are definitely not a Garfield fan. Odie is Garfield’s best pal.

Odie Day celebrates the fictional character from the famous Garfield comic strip created by the iconic cartoonist Jim Davis. Odie has also appeared in Garfield and friends, two live-action feature films, and three amazing CGI feature-length films. Odie is the only character to mature in the Garfield cartoon universe.

Odie is characterized as a tremendously credulous and brainless bog, but he is also shown as extremely caring and loving. Garfield is seen to play on Odie’s gullibility by pushing him off objects or by simply making fun of him! Nevertheless, their relationship is distinguished by their playfulness and love for one another.

History of Odie Day

Odie is a remarkably credulous and brainless dog. But the dog is also known for showing extreme care and love. Garfield is seen to play on Odie’s frankness by pushing him off objects or by making fun of him. Nonetheless, their relationship displays absolute cocky fun, relentless loyalty, and adoration for one another.

How to Celebrate Odie Day?

It is time to get the streamers, party-poppers, and Oreo ice-cream cake out and celebrate the existence of this adorable pooch. Celebrate Odie Day with the silly dog theme; where all guests dress up as a character from the beloved Garfield cartoon strip and raise a toast to Odie!

Odie Day

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