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Lunchtime is something that we can all get excited about. It’s that lovely moment in the middle of the day when we get to recharge and have a few moments to stop what we’re doing. As children, the contents of a lunch bag were a daily mystery that could turn you into the star of the lunchroom!

As we grow older, what to have for lunch tends to be something we figure out on the fly, and wind up spending money on fast food or other accessible choices. Pack Your Lunch Day is the perfect time to bring fun back to your day!

History of Pack Your Lunch Day

People have been bringing their lunch to work with them forever. There has always been a need to take time out of the day to recharge energy with a bite to eat. Through the years, this has changed in appearance as convenience has given way to planning and preparation. It is known that those quick options are not very healthy.

Making a choice to eat out at lunchtime (as well as other times too!) has helped to add to the waist size of adults and children. Pack Your Lunch Day helps to remind us of the many advantages of making your own lunch. Have you ever taken time to look at the ingredients of any of the convenience foods that are so easy to grab and go?

The typical lunch box options include snacks that we buy in shops. A small pack of chips, a handful of cookies. These are the most common items found in children’s lunch boxes at school, but also in some adults’ lunch boxes too. It’s not common for adults to pack a lunch, though. A lot of people tend to buy something on the go.

It is a nightmare of preservatives and chemicals most of the time! If you take the time to plan your own lunches, you will know precisely what is in the food you are eating. Also, you can control portion sizes. It can be surprising what a difference it can make in your day. No more sluggishness in the afternoon as you break away from fatty and sugary foods and make healthier choices!


  1. It’s cheap

    Look, we love the convenience of going out to lunch every day as much as you do. But buying pre-made food can add up! Thinking ahead and getting food to pack your own lunch saves lots of money in the long run. And let’s just be honest — it leaves you with more money to buy that extra cappuccino we know you’ve been craving.

  2. It’s healthy

    When you buy your lunch, it’s easy to cave and get a burger (or three or five). Trust us, we’ve been there. It’s not pretty. However, when you pack your own lunch, it’s less easy to give in to spur-of-the-moment temptation. You can nip your snack attack in the bud with your homemade food before you go rogue. And the best part? There’s no waiting involved — unless you count the time it takes to rip your brown bag open.

  3. You know what’s in your food

    If you had ordered that burger, you wouldn’t know what was in it. How much oil did they use for frying that patty? Why are your fries staying suspiciously crisp even after you’ve left them sitting for an hour? When you pack your own lunch, you don’t have to wonder how many chemicals are in your food. You’ve made it yourself, so everything that goes in there is natural!


Year Date Day
2021 March 10 Wednesday
2022 March 10 Thursday
2023 March 10 Friday
2024 March 10 Sunday
2025 March 10 Monday

Pack Your Lunch Day

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