Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day


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Have you ever fought uselessly to open a tightly sealed bottle of tablets or a soda can – only to end up with a sprained wrist and an even worse headache? Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day aims to lift the lid on this kind of problem.

So, if you’re being forced to use knives or scissors to prise a toy or tool out of an impenetrable plastic case, don’t keep your feelings under wraps. Let the manufacturers know that their way of packing items is totally bizarre. Wrap Rage is real when you become frustrated in opening a product but are unable to, and that pain is threefold when you are super hungry and can’t tear off the packet/wrapper.

Preposterous Packaging Day is marked on 7th August and you can float images of weird packaged products on media to let the world know how to make sensible wrappings!

Did you know?

In the UK, Britain’s Sainsbury’s was under fire in 2010 for preposterous packaging when the store chain was due to be prosecuted for using ‘excess’ wrapping on specialty beef cut. Later that year, Sainsbury’s escaped punishment after it made significant voluntary reductions.

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

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