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Fitness starts at home. What you eat is what you will look, just as what you sow is what you reap. Eat good food: eat fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and don’t go for sweet and trite food.

Rakul Preet Singh

There’s been a lot of noise about vegetarianism and veganism in the news these days, and while there’s a lot of good coming out of those movements, they’re too extreme for some people to embrace. Plant Power Day is the perfect solution for those trying to include more foliage in their diet while still keeping their carnivore habits. This holiday is about considering plant-based foods before you find other foods when you’re planning a meal.

History of Plant Power Day

Plant Power Day seems to have been created by Alpro and was established precisely to encourage people to eat more vegetables as part of their daily meal. This plan should go so far as to include your beverage choices as well, ultimately aiming at turning your traditional repast into a planet! What’s a planet you ask? It’s any meal where you have taken the time to make plant-based choices for your meal before adding any meat to it. Trade out orange juice for milk, eggplant for hamburgers, diced fruit for ice cream! These kinds of choices are not only healthier for you, but they’re also going to make sure you have a meal that’s as conscientious as possible.

Do take care when choosing your plant choices, however. In some cases reducing the amount of meat you eat doesn’t reduce net cruelty in the world. If your focus isn’t on health, but on making less of an impact on the planet, then you need to carefully research where your food is grown and how it makes it to the table. It doesn’t help the earth if your crops are coming from fields that are the result of destroying animal habitats and eradicating rainforests, after all.

Plant Power Day

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