Professional Speakers Day

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We have experienced every tide and rush of emotion when we get up on the stage to speak in front of an audience whether as a student or in any professional/ entertainment capacity. There are times we are skittish as a colt during a presentation in university, sometimes times we want to motivate our listeners with a powerful message to alleviate their pains, and most often than we would like we are delivering a professional speech or pitch within our organization. This day is about acknowledging the impact and courage of all the professional speakers in the world that inform, educate, and embrace us on multiple degrees.

We say cheers to the professional speaker’s day on 7th August every year.

History of Professional Speakers Day

One could say this day originally started when people started listening to one another. We have been a race of beings capable of learning for a number of centuries now, and part of that is listening to others’ stories and taking away the lessons they learned. Professional Speakers Day broadens the ability for someone to impart a lesson to us with just the spoken word. Whether it is someone speaking about getting out of debt, or another speaking about faith and the assistance it has provided them.

Maybe it is those that are trying to teach us how to fold an origami crane or learn to disassemble a combustion engine, every one of these speakers is helping us learn something we did not know before. The presence of social media and ted talks have vastly improved the scope of professional speaking where the audience has grown by leaps and bound over the last decade as people really felt a surreal connection with the speaker’s experience, real stories, and passion.

The gist of being a great speaker is to move the audience with concise words spoken in a heartbreaking manner that leaves an ever-lasting impact on the audience.


  • August 7th, 2020
  • August 7th, 2021
  • August 7th, 2022
  • August 7th, 2023

Professional Speakers Day

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