World Rain Day


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World Rain Day is celebrated each year on July 29th.

Throughout human history, people and cultures all over the world have celebrated rain and its life-giving power. All life is dependent on rain, and rain is what keeps our world green and fresh, and beautiful. Rain is no less important today than it has been in the past, and now people around the world have Rain Day, a day to celebrate all things wet and wonderful.

You don’t have to be a farmer with your eye on the latest batch of crops to be concerned with rain, and there are many things the ordinary person can do to celebrate. If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere where it rains on Rain Day, you can head outside to dance, sing, or just walk in the rain. If it doesn’t happen to be raining, you can serve up a delicious meal of fresh greens and other things that depend on the rain to grow, and reflect on how lucky we are to live in a rainy world.

Depending on where in the world you live, rain may be something that you are very much used to! For some people, they see more rain than the sun, and this can cause them to become a bit frustrated by it. After all, no one likes being caught in the middle of a massive downpour, do they? However, there are a lot of reasons why we should love rain!

Yes, rain is important for certain industries, but you do not need to be a farmer in order to appreciate the rain. Rain can be incredibly soothing. Have you ever laid in bed and listened to the raindrops hitting your window? It is so soothing and relaxing.

In fact, a lot of people play audio of raindrops to try and help them get to sleep at night. If you are someone who has trouble sleeping, give it a try! Rain is widely associated with relaxation. How many of you have used a rainy day as the perfect excuse to have a snug and cozy duvet day?

Rain also gives us the opportunity to show off our stylish rainwear! However, from a more technical and scientific point of view, rain is a vital part of the water cycle. Rain is vital to all life on Earth. Rainfall represents the main way in which water in the skies comes down to earth, providing drinks for animals and plants, recharging the underground aquifers, and filling our rivers and lakes.

When you think about it from this perspective, you see why rain is so critical, and why it is something that should be cherished and celebrated, which is what Rain Day is all about.

This is a day that has been celebrated for quite some time now. In fact, Rain Day first took place in the late 1800s. We have a pharmacist, known as William Allison, to thank for this. He had a drugstore, which was located on High Street, which is the main street in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. He remarked that it always seemed to be raining on the 29th of July.

Because of this, he decided that we would keep a yearly record of the rainfall on this specific date. After the 1920s, his brother, Albert Allison, continued to record the results. The late Byron Daily recorded this mystical event, which kept happening every year. It would have remained a local event if it was not for a newsman from the area.

In the 1930s, John O’Hara decided that he would send stories about Rain Day to other newspapers. Because of this, Rain Day ended up spreading to all corners of the world. Every year, newspapers and other media outlets will often call into Waynesburg to find out if it is raining on this date.

Of course, other people have started to celebrate this date in their own areas by simply learning about rainfall and the importance of it, as well as spreading this awareness.

World Rain Day

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