Re-gifting Day

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Re-gifting Day

National Re-Gifting Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of December. This year it will be celebrated on December 21. Re-Gifting Day was celebrated in honor of office parties and for the unique Christmas gift exchange.

There are plenty of different holidays out in the world that we all know about, from Christmas to Saint Patrick’s Day. But there are some that we don’t know much about or don’t know at all.

Re-gifting Day is one of those lesser-known holidays unless we work in an office. So, for those of us who don’t know what it is about, let’s dive right into the history of this holiday and see how it came to be!

Re-gifting day was mostly seen as an office holiday before October 24th, 2008, which was the day that the state of Colorado declared December 18th as “National Re-gifting Day”.

The origin of the holiday came from office workers who were given gifts that they didn’t really want but didn’t want to throw away, so they re-gifted their present to someone who would want it and make good use of it.

Re-gifting, for us that don’t know its meaning, is the act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift. The term “Re-gifting” was popularized by an episode of Seinfeld, specifically the episode titled “The Label Maker” even though the practice of it pre-dates the term quite substantially.

Re-gifting can sometimes be seen as a cruel practice. Why? Because re-gifting a gift that was given to you can be seen as a blatant disregard from the compassion that someone has shown you by either purchasing or creating the gift for you in particular.

Re-gifting Day

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