Read An eBook Day


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Read An eBook Day

Read an ebook Day is on September 18th, which is a celebration of modern storytelling. Ebooks enable you to take the stories and authors you love with you anytime, anywhere.

For the last half-decade, libraries and schools have virtually come together each September 18th to celebrate the joys of digital reading on Read an Ebook Day. This year has been extremely unique for a myriad of reasons, but one thing that remains consistent is the fact that library users love ebooks and audiobooks.

Take this day to celebrate the fact that, although many of us are staying in our homes, we always have access to thousands of books from the library. #EbookLove is just a tap away. Borrow one of your favorite books or something completely new and discover the joys of digital reading.

Years ago there was a giant push to encourage reading among youth and adults alike, and that push has entered the modern age with International read an eBook day.

No more are we tied to reading books in the old format with two covers and hundreds of pages, no more do hundreds of trees have to die each year to bring literature to people from every walk of life.

With the invention of the eBook, we have reached the point where the wonder of reading is available to anyone with a computer or portable electronic device.

It’s become a huge industry, with devices like Kindle, Nooks, and apps available on many types of devices like cell phones and tablets.

Read An eBook Day is a day that encourages you to do exactly that. eBooks can easily be accessed within a few seconds. You don’t need to head to your local book store or a library. By the time it takes you to finish reading this page, you could have your eBook chosen and you could be getting stuck right into it! But don’t dash off just yet!

eBooks give you the ability to take the authors and stories you love with you anywhere and enjoy them at any time. Whether you are 30,000 feet in the air or you are curled up on your sofa, you can tuck into a great book.

If you have never tried reading an eBook before, this is definitely the perfect day for you to read your very first one. If you are a big eBook fan already, not only is Read An eBook Day a great day for you to start a new book, but you can also use this day to raise awareness and encourage other people to start reading eBooks as well. You can post messages on social media so that your friends, family members, and followers know that it is Read An eBook Day and the importance of participating.

The first major celebration of International read an eBook day was in 2014, and was put together by a major eBook distributor OverDrive. This company provides eBooks through many major locations but is best known for being the biggest provider of eBooks to libraries all over the country.

Its eBooks are supplied by thousands of publishers, including the best known of Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Harlequin, Pursues, Wiley, and others. Chances are if you’ve read an eBook from a library, it was supplied by OverDrive.

Read An eBook Day

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