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Aaah scrubs…one of the most comfortable clothing items ever worn by mankind. Scrubs are well known but highly underrated. In the ancient year of 2014, one small town girl decided to do something about this dilemma. She created “Scrubs Day” on October 9th to spread the love and educate others on the benefits of scrubs.

Here is a quote from the girl herself: “Scrubs are so fun. They are basically pajamas that you can wear to school, work, or anywhere else and get away with it. You could even pretend you are a medical professional: Just use fancy terminology like ‘anisocytosis’ when you speak and no one will think twice about your outfit choices. Wearing scrubs eliminates most of the time it takes to pick out an outfit for the day, which is quite efficient in my opinion. If you look in the right places to buy scrubs, they actually can be very fashionable. No need to feel frumpy…be comfy and stylish at the same time!”

From that first day in October until the present this girl has been posting pictures on social media of herself wearing beloved scrubs and holding up signs to celebrate this holiday. She has told countless people about “Scrubs Day” and will probably continue to do so until the day she dies.

If you want to be like this girl, which you do, here are just a few practical tips on how to celebrate “Scrubs Day” on October 9th: Wear scrubs and be proud of it. Shout “HAPPY SCRUBS DAY” at the top of your lungs to everyone/everything you see: the boss at work, the granny crossing the street, the dog catcher, the cashier at walmart, the ant, and the ceiling fan. Another idea is that you too can share photos of your scrubs on social media. Make signs that say, “I love scrubs” or “Happy Scrubs Day” or “Scrubs are life.” Be prepared for instant fame.

One final tip is to bake a cake in honor of your scrubs. You may have to wave the scrubs around the cake to generate enough wind to blow out the candles, as scrubs do not typically have blowing capabilities. Make sure to avoid catching on fire. If you do, stop, drop, and roll. After the fire is out, check whether or not your scrubs have survived. If they haven’t, stop all celebratory happenings immediately. Put on a sackcloth and ashes. Call your friends (medical personnel tend to be the most understanding) and hold a funeral. Don’t be ashamed of shedding tears. If the scrubs survive, rejoice and continue on with the festivities.

October 9th is a wonderful day to celebrate scrubs and their many qualities, but know that: It is simply one day out of the year. Scrubs can and should be celebrated every day, so whenever you feel the urge, in whatever way you choose to celebrate, go at it with all your might for everyone to see, hear, and join in.

Scrubs Day

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