Symphonic Metal Day

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There is a place where the falling angel meets the rising beast, and it is in that place that symphonic metal is conceived, performed, and celebrated in an orgiastic union. Here, the dignity of the symphonic orchestra meets the feral heart of the guitars wail, and humanity in all its humors is exalted on that stage.

It may seem a strange concept to those who haven’t heard it, but there is a style of music that combines the power and energy of heavy metal with the beautiful dance that is the symphony orchestra. That place is symphonic metal and to some, it is a celebration of the most perfect elements of music, brought together and melded. Symphonic Metal Day celebrates this style of music and seeks to bring it to those who have not yet encountered it.

History of Symphonic Metal Day

From it’s earliest days Symphonic Metal has felt the influence of power metal, gothic music, and a style known as the new wave of British heavy metal. The characteristics associated with this style of music include keyboards and guitars, strings and choirs, pipe organs and drums all mixed together. In many cases, the style will be emulated through a keyboard synth rather than a live orchestra when such is not available. The guitar styles present in almost all examples of this work call on all backgrounds of metal, from death metal to gothic, power metal to progressive, all blended together in a beautiful orchestration.

The earliest known example of this style of music is by Celtic Frost in 1987, and who were important influences on many who would come to pioneer this style. Some of the most influential bands in this genre include Nightwish, Haggard, and Edenbridge, but the style has also been adopted on an occasional basis by bands like Metallica. Metallica’s Symphony & Metallica album is likely one of the most well-known among those who are not already avid fans of this music style.

How To Celebrate Symphonic Metal Day

Symphonic Metal Day is best celebrated by filling your day with your favorite symphonic bands, and then expanding beyond that to bands you have not yet heard. Then you can share your enthusiasm with friends and co-workers, introducing them to this wonderful experience and all the power and meaning it entails. Don’t let Symphonic Metal Day go by without celebrating it with your friends, and power your way through the day on your favorite bands!

Symphonic Metal Day

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