Systems Engineer Day


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With the world becoming more and more digitized every day, there is a group of people that has rather suddenly become one of the most important groups of people in the world: systems engineers.

Systems engineers make enormous contributions to the world as we know it every single day, allowing us to live the increasingly comfortable lives we are accustomed to, and neither our personal nor our professional lives would be the same without them.

Systems engineers work on numerous complex projects: spacecraft design, computer chip design, robotics, software integration, and bridge-building. The computer you’re using right now to read this article would not exist if it weren’t for systems engineers, nor would the plane you’re taking to go to your exotic holiday destination, and nor would the bridge you need to cross to get to work every day.

History of International Systems Engineer Day

Systems Engineer Day was founded recently by the people at as a way to honour the men and women who sit in front of computers for a long time every day to create our lives easier and better. In the 1940s, the word systems engineering 1st appeared in Bell Telephone Laboratories and today, after 75 years systems engineering is divided into a lot of fields and sub-fields like mechatronics engineering, industrial engineering, security engineering, reliability engineering, software engineering, cognitive systems engineering, and Infrastructure Engineering etc. The computer that you use daily, the plane you use to travel and the bridge you are crossing every day, and a lot more would not exist without systems engineers. Remember that the International Space Station is one of the most fantastic examples of what systems engineering can achieve.

Systems Engineer Day

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